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Launch Day! - edit: 'Ready Or Not' and 'Seek Your Face' hit #1 & #2 on iTunes In

edit 25/9: Resound Collectives 'Seek Your Face' now joins 'Ready Or Not' sharing the #1 and #2 spots on the iTunes top inspirational chart! On top of that, Daniel Hagen is currently sitting at #47 on the overall top album charts in Australia! What an amazing first day of release for these two records, we are all extremely chuffed.

edit: 24/9 Well, what started last night at number 6... then became number 3... now sits at number 1! Congratulations Daniel Hagen, 'Ready Or Not' is number 1 on the top inspirational album chart on iTunes!!

Resound Sounds' launch day has finally arrived and boy are we excited! Daniel Hagen's debut ep 'Ready Or Not' is already feeling the love even before launch, making number 1 overnight on the top inspirational albums chart on iTunes! WOW!

Get Your copy on iTunes

Get your copy of 'Ready Or Not' on the iTunes Store now!



'Seek Your Face' out now

Resound Collective launch their worshipful collaborative EP 'Seek Your Face' today, sitting at #2 on the iTunes inspirational charts by the end of its first day of release! 'Seek Your Face' is available for purchase now on all platforms! 100% of all proceeds from the sale of this record are being donates to the ministry of 'Rescue Australia', a ministry helping reach out to Australia's Indigenous communities in some of the most remote corners of the nation.

Get Your copy on iTunes

Get Your copy of 'Seek Your Face' on the iTunes Store now!

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