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Resound Sounds launching this September!


So, this September we want to invite you to celebrate the launching of a brand new and local music label with a mission.

That mission being, to champion emerging artists who carry the sound of Kingdom revival; to launch those artists into the darkest of dark places where they were born to thrive; and to see the Church encouraged, provoked and on fire with real identity - through raw, intimate worship and laid down lives.

Our heart is for the real. The real deal. What is it that God is doing? What is He focused on? What does He want to build? What is He saying right now? We believe there is a artistic soundscape that will arise hand in hand with a move of God happening right now across our nation. And when we talk about a 'move of God' we are talking about the miraculous, yes. Though the greatest miracle of all we are talking about is the moving of people's hearts.

When we are moved by Him, we become something new. And right now, right across this globe, in every people group, more than any other time in history there is a stirring of people's hearts towards redemption. There really is no greater time to be alive, and our heart in all of this is simple. We want to catch the wave. Release what we are hearing. Echo what others have spoken to us, and anticipate more than we could ever even actually anticipate... Kingdom come.

We are musicians. And in ancient times a musician's place was right in the front lines of the army; or as the minstrels for the wild and relentless prophets; or as the constant burning lamps of worship in the temple of the living God.

Our heart and passion for Resound Sounds, is to take back our rightful place as minstrels, burning lamps and weapons on the front lines of battle - the battle for the hearts of men. The place where we as musicians belong.

Please consider joining our launch campaign by following the link below.


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