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Resound Collective EP tracking is underway!!

There has been a constant excitement in the air from the moment this Resound Collective EP project was conceived. It was the final night of the 2015 Empowered conference here in Melbourne, and boy was it a special night. 700 odd people letting loose in wild and crazy praise, the way it is meant to be done - wild and crazy, fervent and free. It was really something.

At the end of the night, a small group of us made a decision that it was time we threw a studio recording together. We wanted to capture something. A sound, the song of heaven, resounding what the Spirit is singing over our nation. Worshipping together in our lounge room and on the street became regular occurrence, along with writing and recording songs as they came out.

Six months later, we have five songs that express our heart as individuals and collaboratively. We have now set up our studio in the very lounge room where it all started. And since late April have been tracking week in, week out, with production set to finish in late June.

I tell you, there's something about the home space... doing life together, capturing these songs in the midst of it all, i really don't think it would have come across the same way had we decided to track the record in a professional studio. We all just can't wait to hear and share the finished product with you come September.


"100% of all proceeds from the Resound Collective EP will be going

to the amazing ministry of

Rescue Australia"


Something as a group we are also very chuffed to announce - is that absolutely 100% of all of the proceeds from the Resound Collective EP will be going to the amazing ministry of 'Rescue Australia', a ministry with a focused heart on seeing the indigenous first people of our nation shining, reconciled to God, and free. We believe as a nation, that the cause for true reconciliation, honour and freedom of Australia's aboriginal people is absolutely on the forefront of our Heavenly Father's mind. Hence this is also our offering and central cause for the collective EP project.


We really encourage you to please consider joining our GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign at to help us see this vision eventuate, and don't forget to subscribe for updates by visiting us online at


The Resound Collective crew

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