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Daniel Hagen & Resound Band at Awakening Europe this October!

We are so very excited to announce the massive news - that Daniel Hagen & Resound Band will be contributing as part of the worship lineup for Awakening Europe in Stockholm, Sweden this October 28-30! It really is a great honour and privilege to be able to be a part of such an historic movement that is impacting Europe for Heaven.

"We know that what God releases at the stadium in October, 2016 will have a huge impact on Stockholm itself and the surrounding nations. We are expecting to see thousands of people from all over Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden together as one, going into the streets and pouring the love of Jesus all over cities. Think about the impact that will have! It will be like an fire storm all over Nordic-Scandinavia. We want to commission you to take the gospel without fear into your daily life and for you to know your true destiny in God." - GODfest Ministries

Daniel Hagen and Resound Band will be contributing to the worship alongside Jeremy Riddle and Bethel Music, Jake Hamilton and Chris Poeschl, with speakers including Reinhard Bonnke, Todd White, Ben Fitzgerald, Heidi Baker and Paul Manwaring just to name a few. This will be a very special 3 days in Stockholm with God TV broadcasting the event worldwide.

Visit the Awakening Europe site at for tickets as well as a full list as speakers and artists coming together for this historic event.

You can also get behind Daniel's new solo Ep by joining the GoFundMe campaign running right now.

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