The Twists And Turns Of The Perfect Road

Something that rings true to most people I meet. We all seem to have a genuine desire to be able to look ourselves in the mirror at the end of the day with a clear conscience. The tricky part we all face is staying true to that in the face of our other desires. Our passions. Our work life and so on. It also gets a whole lot trickier when you add directions from God into the mix. But shouldn't directions from God make things simpler? Think about this for a minute - What happens when the thing we feel we know we've heard from a perfect God, at some later point collides with our conscience? What do we do then? Abraham and Sarai were so obsessed by the promise that God gave them of a child in th

Real Or Die - The Death Throes Of Churchianity Down Under

Every one of us are part of a great Mystery. For me, as a brand new believer it almost seemed I had been born again by chance or wild twist of fate. Randomly coming across Jesus in my life journey as a young man in the middle of a drug-fuelled journey through the Melbourne music scene. There was really no lineage of what i would describe as strong faith in my family, my Father an atheist and my Mother's christening as a child her deepest symbol of her faith at the time. It would seem that it was solely through a mate I had met in the pub, a young Daniel Hagen who would very soon experience his personal road of redemption through Jesus Christ... that Jesus would also choose to throw a line of


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