Resounding @ Awakening Europe Scandinavia

Ben Fitzgerald - Photo credit: Roderick Nathan Diaz You know, in my opinion the word 'historic' really isn't a word that ought to be lightly thrown around, particularly when promoting an event. Though in saying that I've got to tell you that here we are on day three of what has very clearly been... an 'historic' event for Scandinavia as well as the continent of Europe. One thing you can feel in the air here as well as sense in the hearts of believers gathering as a movement... is that the Church of Scandinavia will never be the same. People are tired of dryness, tired of being labeled as 'hard' and ready for an outpouring - or should i say rather, to be the outpouring. Watch live at http://g

Martin Smith (Delirious) Joins Daniel Hagen & Resound Band @ Awakening

We are extremely excited to announce that the amazing Martin Smith from 'Delirious' will be joining Daniel Hagen & Resound Band during their set this Friday night @ the Awakening Scandinavia event in Stockholm! And theres no need to fret missing this even if you're unable to attend as the whole event will be streamed live all over the globe on GOD TV. Last year the Awakening Europe event in Germany was the most watched program of the year, and we are expecting the 2016 event in Scandinavia to be just as huge. Visit Brand New Single: Daniel Hagen - 'Heavenly Places' (Free Life Remix) AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE


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