'Ready Or Not' and 'Seek Your Face' Topping Australian Charts.

We are all extremely excited about the launch of these two amazing debut EP's. 'Ready Or Not' - By Daniel Hagen, and 'Seek Your Face' - By Resound Collective. We had an amazing launch night and are hearing a constant stream of great reviews about the music from happy purchasers. 'Ready Or Not' has reached #1 on the Australian iTunes top inspirational albums chart with 'Seek Your Face' beside it, hitting #2! On top of that, both records have even been climbing the iTunes 'all genres' top album chart, Daniel Hagen in the Top 50 and Resound Collective in the Top 100 Our heart is to see absolutely everyone encouraged and inspired through this music, not only Christians. We want to see the name o

Launch Day! - edit: 'Ready Or Not' and 'Seek Your Face' hit #1 & #2 on iTunes In

edit 25/9: Resound Collectives 'Seek Your Face' now joins 'Ready Or Not' sharing the #1 and #2 spots on the iTunes top inspirational chart! On top of that, Daniel Hagen is currently sitting at #47 on the overall top album charts in Australia! What an amazing first day of release for these two records, we are all extremely chuffed. edit: 24/9 Well, what started last night at number 6... then became number 3... now sits at number 1! Congratulations Daniel Hagen, 'Ready Or Not' is number 1 on the top inspirational album chart on iTunes!! Resound Sounds' launch day has finally arrived and boy are we excited! Daniel Hagen's debut ep 'Ready Or Not' is already feeling the love even before launch, m


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