Resound Sounds Launch - Tickets On Sale Now!

You can now get your tickets to the Resound Sounds' launch night which will be featuring brand new EP launches as well as live sets from Daniel Hagen and Resound Collective. "all profits will be directly contributing" Help support the artists by grabbing your tickets today, as all profits will be directly contributing to completing both recording projects. Hit the Moshtix link below, and we can't wait to see you there! Alternatively if you're unable to attend, you can still get behind the completion of these two records by donating into the Resound Sounds GoFundMe campaign that is running until the September 24 launch.

Resound Collective EP tracking is underway!!

There has been a constant excitement in the air from the moment this Resound Collective EP project was conceived. It was the final night of the 2015 Empowered conference here in Melbourne, and boy was it a special night. 700 odd people letting loose in wild and crazy praise, the way it is meant to be done - wild and crazy, fervent and free. It was really something. At the end of the night, a small group of us made a decision that it was time we threw a studio recording together. We wanted to capture something. A sound, the song of heaven, resounding what the Spirit is singing over our nation. Worshipping together in our lounge room and on the street became regular occurrence, along with writ

Daniel Hagen & Resound Band at Awakening Europe this October!

We are so very excited to announce the massive news - that Daniel Hagen & Resound Band will be contributing as part of the worship lineup for Awakening Europe in Stockholm, Sweden this October 28-30! It really is a great honour and privilege to be able to be a part of such an historic movement that is impacting Europe for Heaven. "We know that what God releases at the stadium in October, 2016 will have a huge impact on Stockholm itself and the surrounding nations. We are expecting to see thousands of people from all over Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark and Sweden together as one, going into the streets and pouring the love of Jesus all over cities. Think about the impact that will have! It


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